Meetings are monthly with the exception of December in Gulworthy Parish Hall, Gulworthy, PL19 8JA commencing at 7.30pm and usually on the first Monday of the month excluding bank holidays.

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend any meeting. Members of the public may speak during the ‘Members of the Public’ session which is usually near the start of the meeting. They are then entitled to remain and listen to the rest of the meeting if they wish to do so.

2021 meetings:

Monday 4th January
Monday 1st February
Monday 1st March
Monday 12th April – Annual Parish Meeting followed by Ordinary meeting
Monday 5th May – Annual General Meeting followed by Ordinary meeting
Monday 7th June
Monday 5th July
Monday 2nd August
Monday 13th September
Monday 4th October
Monday 1st November

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